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The Department of Civil Engineering in Immanuel Arasar JJ College of Engineering was started in the year 2009 with an intake of 60 students. The overall objective of the Civil Engineering Undergraduate program is to promote the intellectual development of those interested in the Civil engineering profession and to produce graduates who possess the knowledge, tools and traits necessary for a successful career and for assuming a leadership role in the Civil engineering

The educational program objectives are to produce graduates who:

Possess a broad-based civil engineering education to successfully obtain professional positions, and practise civil engineering in a wide range of professional settings including consulting firms, industries, and government agencies.

Exhibit professional growth throughout their careers by taking on increasing professional responsibilities and pursue life-long learning by obtaining professional engineering license.

Demonstrate success and leadership in practice of engineering by contributing to the economic well-being of their employers and society and by dedicated service to professional societies.

The Department of Civil Engineering pulls out all stops to create outstanding engineers - with advanced teaching techniques and learning aids for undergraduate students.

Students are not only made experts in technical aspects but also in interpersonal skills, a vital ingredient to excel in the fast-paced world students gain practical experience from field visits to industries, dams and irrigation structures, construction sites, etc.

Qualified and experienced faculty members form the department. They specialize in structural, geotechnical, environmental, water resources, transportation, surveying, and construction engineering, as well as management, remote sensing and GIS

Programmes offered by the Department are

B.E. Civil Engineering>

M.E. Structural Engineering