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Science and Humanities

The department of Science and Humanities of Immanuel Arasar JJ College of Engineering encompasses the four main branches namely Maths, Physics, Chemistry and English.

The department is spelled as S&H.The department also involves in teaching communication skills for special and specific purpose especially to promote scientific and technical writing; As the basic Engineering department, it also introduces mathematical methods and applications particularly in engineering subjects. It serves to instruct the basic Skills and there by promoting Engineering and Technology to the young students. All the subjects are taught by highly experienced faculty.

In addition to the academics, the faculty provides personality development, value based education, communication skills and guidance to the budding engineers to make them well equipped to face the society. The Department takes care of the first year students from the six Engineering departments.

Disciplines of our college - Mechanical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Electronics and Communication Engineering, Information Technology, Computers Science Engineering and Electrical and Electronics Engineering. The Science and Humanities department also acts as the supporting faculty to all other Engineering departments of IAJJ College of Engineering and Technology.

English, Mathematics and Environmental Science subjects are handled by S&H faculty to all other engineering disciplines. All other departments are interdependent with the Department of Science and Humanities.